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OLE Projects

The Ordo Lapsit Exillis is currently involved in a number of projects for the furtherance of its stated goals. Here are a few of those projects:

  1. The continual publication, on a bi-annual basis, of our official magazine, Dagobert's Revenge, which has been in existence since 1996.
  2. The electronic publication of articles from Dagobert's Revenge Magazine, as well as supplementary materials not available in the magazine. The maintenance of our websites, dagobertsrevenge.com (open to the public) and ordolapsitexillis.org (for members only.)
  3. The publication of video recordings (on VHS and soon, on DVD) related by subject matter to the topics researched by OLE (short films, documentaries, etc.)
  4. The publication of audio recordings of OLE-related materials, such as interviews and music, on CD format.
  5. The electronic broadcast of audio material (interviews, music, etc.) related to the subject matter of the OLE.
  6. The constant dissemination of information related to OLE endeavors through interviews with various radio, television, and print media outlets.
  7. The publication of books related to OLE research subjects. (Planned.)
  8. Future OLE-sponsored trips into Southern France and other foreign regions for the purpose of studying OLE-related subjects and testing the hypotheses laid out in Dagobert's Revenge Magazine - specifically, those relating to the geometry of Southern France and the hidden treasures believed to be buried beneath Rennes-le-Chateau.


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