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Divine Right
A Monthly Column by Tracy Twyman E.G.M., O.L.E.

June: The Choice Vine: Mary Magdalene, the Sacred Whore, and the Benjamite Inheritance

Divine Right Archive:
January: "Dawn of the Arcadian Age: What Lies in Store for the Ordo Lapsit Exillis in 2004"
November: "The Da Vinci Code Hype: An Arcadian Zeitgeist"

October: "Satanic Apologetics"
September: "...and the weak shall inherit the dirt..."
August: The United States of Europe

July: Call me Ishmael...

Tracy Twyman:

NEW! Nostradamus: The Prophet of Orval
NEW! Johann Valentin Andrea and the Rosicrucians
NEW! Robert Boyle and the Invisible College
NEW! Robert Fludd and the House of Orleans
NEW! Victor Hugo: Mystic and Priory Navigator

Claude Debussy and the Salon de la Rose+Croix
Charles Nodier and the Occult Revival
Nicolas Poussin and Nicolas Fouquet
Isaac Newton: Heretical Scientist

The Protocols of Sion and the Hiéron du Val d’Or
Sauniere’s Bookplate
Nostradamus: The Prophet of Orval
The Fronde and the Compagnie du Saint-Sacrament
Charles Radclyffe and the Scottish Rite

Stepford Whores: Mind Controlled Sex Slaves and the CIA
The Stepford Whores
Interview with Cathy O’Brien
Interview with Noreen Gosch
Interview with Ted Gunderson
Interview with Mark Philips
Interview with John DeCamp

The Apocalypse Plot
Jean Cocteau: Man of the Century
Sleeping Beauty and the Sacred Mountain House of God, Gateway to Heaven
The Tower of Babel: Vessel of God and Ark of His Preservation
The Cutting of the Orm: The Golden Age Calendar and the New English Cabala
9: The "Horizon Number" of the Cosmos
Le Serpent Rouge Reinterpreted (The "Horizon Number" of the Cosmos)
Le Heiron du Val dOr From Secret Dossiers by Henri Lobineau
Between the Swastika and the Cross of Lorraine The Priory of Sion During WWII
Geometric Revelation: An Interview with Henry Lincoln
The Flowering Tomb: A Massive Hidden Structure Beneath Rennes-le-Chateau
"...Work with the Square and Compass..." The Hidden Mysteries of Chess and Playing Cards

Boyd Rice:

The Cross of Lorraine: The Fingerprint of God or the Mark of Cain?
Lucifer’s Children: The Grail Bloodline and the Descendants of Cain
Secret History and Sacred Geometry
Pilgrimage: A Visit to the Chapel of St. Pierre
Beauty and the Beast (Analysis)
Omega and Genesis: Underground Cities, The Deluge, and the Holy Mountain Hypothesis
The Compass of Enoch
13: A Secret Number of Sacred Power
The Prophet
The Daughter of God: The Real Story of Joan of Arc
Giants on the Earth
Out of Chaldea: The Secret Legacy of the Architect-Priests
The Occult Roots of Christianity
The Divine Couple
"Once a Catholic, Always a Catholic." An Interview with Pogo, a.k.a. "Madonna Wayne Gacy."

S. Michael Adkins:

Freemasonry, Scouting and the Order of the Arrow

James Bergman:

Whatever We Can Glean from a Black Sunray (An Interview with Tool's Danny Carey)

Anthony D’ascoli:

The Question of Masonry

Keith Dennis:

Eagle and Serpent: Scorpio Symbolism Examined

William H. Kennedy

Rene Guenon and Roman Catholicism

Thomas LaNeave:

Tammuz the Twin: the Beloved Disciple

David Livingstone:

Jewish Settlers in Arcadia

John M.:

Thule, the Priory of Sion, and Otto Rahn.

Philip Madden:

NEW! The Jinn: Islamic Supernatural Entities

Blair MacKenzie Blake and Danny Carey:

... But You Have Made it a Den of Thieves

Francis Anthony Mercuri:

A Brief Outline of the Arabic Influence on Western Occultism via the Harranian Sabians
East Meets West: Syria, The Assassins, and the Crusades

Rayvn Navarro

The Templar Revelation and the Johannite Hypothesis

Joseph Andrew Nicholson:

Return of the King: Self-realization vs. Social Control
New World Order and the Desire of Nations

Micki Pellerano

His Number Is Eleven: The Occult Link Between Genius and Homosexuality

Todd C. Ruzicka:

The Boleskine House
NEW! Interview with Lon Milo DuQuette, author of Understanding Aleister Crowley’s Thoth Tarot

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