Interview with Ted Gunderson

by Tracy R. Twyman


Ted Gunderson is the author of How to Locate Anyone Anywhere Without Leaving Home. He is a former FBI Special Agent, radio talk show host, and self-appointed expert on Satanic conspiracies.

DR: I know you worked for the FBI. How did you first get introduced to the subject of Project Monarch?

Ted: Right after I retired, I opened a private investigative firm in Westwood, Los Angeles, California, which is by the UCLA campus, and my first major investigation was the Geoffrey MacDonald case. He’s a former green beret doctor who was convicted of murdering his wife and two children at Fort Bragg. The murders occurred on February 17th, 1970. Anyway, I got involved in that investigation, and I had 19 witnesses. It’s probably the most highly publicized legal trial case in the history of the United States other than maybe O.J. Simpson’s. Within 10 months, as a matter of fact, on October 25, 1990, I obtained a signed confession from the girl who said that it was her Satanic cult group that were involved in the murders. He did not commit the crime. Now once you get involved in such a case, the first thing you’re gonna do is look at the evidence, look at the testimony, see where evidence was lost, stolen, destroyed, and altered by the government. The Satanic cult group that was involved in the murders were involved in a large-scale drug operation, bringing drugs in military planes, including C.I.A., from Southeast Asia into the various bases in this country during the Vietnam War. And the cult that wiped out the family went in without the permission of the higher-ups in their operation, which included police officers, included two attorneys in Fayetteville, North Carolina, and high-level military personnel. The cult did not obtain permission from them to do that. They went in randomly and did this. And the higher-ups in the military were afraid that if there was an investigation of the cult it would expose the whole drug operation. By the way, there’s documentation in Time Magazine, January 1, 1973 about the drug operation. Anyway, the girl gave me the confession. By the way, she died January 1983 under mysterious circumstances.

DR: How’d she die?

Ted: She was in her apartment, and she died of slight pneumonia, weak lungs, and cirrhosis of the liver. She had called us about two weeks earlier and said that she was under surveillance by two guys in suits in the neighborhood. She was nude from the waist down, and the kitchen faucet was running. That’s a Satanic sign, by the way.

DR: Why’s that? What does it mean?

Ted: The signs that they are involved with are Earth, Wind, Fire, Water, and then a combination of all of those. Those are just part of their ritual, you know. Anyway, her six-month-old child was on the floor, dehydrated, but alive, and did survive. I don’t know what happened to the kid, but she died that way. So anyway, I went public with the information, and I was on a number of major TV talk shows. I was on CNN debating Freddy Casaba. I was on a number of other shows, like Geraldo, and also on radio talk shows. I came forward with this information that Dr. MacDonald did not commit these murders. They were committed by a Satanic cult group. So as a result of that, people just virtually came out of the woodwork from all over the country. People who didn’t know each other from the East Coast, West Coast, South, North, and so forth, and told me about the Satanic cult groups in this country. A lot of them were victims themselves - adult survivors, we call them. So that was my introduction into what was going on, and I’m saying to myself, “If somebody from New Hampshire is furnishing me with the same information as somebody from California, and they don’t know each other, I mean, there’s gotta be something to this. So then from there, I was involved in other cases, including a case from Nebraska. It’s called The Franklin Cover-Up. That case involved military training at Offutt Air Force Base. I ended up talking to some of the kids who were victims themselves, talking about the MK-Ultra mind control program. They received their training at the base. They opened up to me. They told me all about their training. I have documentation of it. It's in a book called The Franklin Cover-Up by John DeCamp, a former State Senator in Nebraska. So anyway, in that case, it not only involves MK-Ultra, but it involves a large-scale kidnapping ring. One of the kids that’s been talking to us and giving us a lot of information is Paul Bonacci. One of the victims was a twelve-year-old newspaper boy named Johnny Gosch, who was kidnapped on his paper route in Des Moines, Iowa. It involves some of the leading people, and businessmen, and so forth, in Omaha, Nebraska., such as the publisher of the Omaha World-Herald. His name is Harold Anderson. It involves the Society Editor of the Omaha World-Herald. They were identified by the kids. It involves a fellow name Eugene Mahoney who was the head of the Forestry Service, who was on the Vice Squad of the Omaha Police Department. And these kids identified these people as involved in not only their training at Offutt Air Force Base, but also in the Satanic movement. This large-scale kidnapping ring was kidnapping kids all over the country. They were being held in safe houses after they were kidnapped. Some of them were auctioned off in Toronto, Canada, some of them were auctioned off here in Las Vega, Nevada. I’ve talked to, and have in my hip pocket, Rusty Nelson, who was the head photographer for the group. He’s been identified as involved, of course, and he has thousands of photographs of sexual exploitation and sexual involvement by some of America’s leading politicians.

DR: Like who?

Ted: George Bush, Sr.

DR: So you’ve seen these pictures of George Bush sexually abusing children?

Ted: Yeah. Well, he’s got ‘em involved in sexual exploitation. I haven’t seen the pictures yet because they’re in a cave in Colorado. Rusty Nelson’s in Oregon, and if we ever get enough money, we’ll go over there and pull these pictures out.

DR: Do you know where this stuff is located?

Ted: No, Rusty is the only one that knows. It’s at about 12, 000 feet. So the only time you can go in there is the spring or the summer. You can’t go in there in the Winter. But anyway, he’s got the pictures. So anyway, we are talking about a large-scale pedophile ring, and a large-scale kidnapping ring. The ring, by the way, is known as “The Finders.” It’s a CIA covert operation running out of Washington, D.C. I have a copy of a U.S. Treasury report on an investigation of the Finders that was quashed and closed down. The FBI refused to investigate it.

DR: Why are they called “The Finders”?

Ted: Because that’s just a cover name for finding children, and actually what they’re doing is picking them up and kidnapping them. It’s part of the Satanic cult movement in this country today. The Satanic cult movement dovetails with U.S. intelligence to some degree. It’s like any other organization: there’s good and bad in every organization of people. They, in addition to being involved in this kidnapping ring, were taking kids out of Boy’s Town, and out of foster homes and orphanages, and flying them out of Sioux City, Iowa to Washington, D.C. for sex orgy parties with congressmen and senators. Barney Frank - I think he’s a Senator from Massachusetts or some place back there - he’s been identified by the kids, and George Bush Senior has been at the parties while he was Vice-President. He became more discreet as time went on, I guess. That’s my introduction to it - a combination of those two cases, and going public with the information, and these people just coming from everywhere.

DR: You’re saying that there are large elements of the CIA, and the government in general that are part of a Satanic cult. Is it just a number of Satanic cults, or is there one large organization?

Ted: No, that’s hard to define and clarify. First of all, you have to go back. When I learned about this, I started saying to myself, “Well, why, how, when, what, and where?” So as a result of my research I learned about an organization called the Illuminati. And I’ve got all sorts of information about the Illuminati. The Illuminati was an organization founded in 1776 in Germany, and its purpose was to take over the world. A fellow named Adam Weishaupt set forth 24 goals at the request of the Rothschild family out of England. And the goals were to control the mainstream media, to corrupt the youth through sex and drugs, to put their own people as agents behind the scenes, to put them in as leaders, etc. Anyway, that’s what it’s all about. And their activities dovetail with the Satanic movement, into the U.S. intelligence community, the CIA in particular. I think that that deterioration of the FBI over the last 25 years or so is the reason. I think it’s the Illuminati. I think the FBI’s been used as a political pawn. When I got on in 1979 we were not involved in politics whatsoever. We used to tell the Attorney General to go jump in a lake when he would call up and tell us to do something ridiculous.

DR: So, did you not know about any of this when you were working for the FBI?

Ted: Not a thing. It was only after I got out and started operating on my own that I learned what was going on.

DR: Did you then reflect on some of your experiences in the FBI and realize that there might have been some connections?

Ted: No, I didn’t, because when I was in the FBI, I never ran across this. I think that’s what’s happened since then. In my day the FBI was a straight organization. We didn’t have any problems like they’re having now. We didn’t have any Wacos. We didn’t have any Oklahoma Cities - which is a cover-up, by the way. McVeigh was a political pawn, just like Lee Harvey Oswald. We didn’t have any Ruby Ridges. We did have the Kennedy Assassination. I did learn, since I got out, by the way, that that was a joint CIA-Chicago mob hit. Of course, I have all kinds of information about the CIA involved in drugs. I mean, you know, Iran-Contra is an example of it. All this information just kind of melds in and dovetails, and one element is scratching the back of the other element.

DR: So would you say that the CIA has been under the control of the Satanic Illuminati since the very beginning?

Ted: No, not from the beginning. Like with the FBI, I think it’s happened in the last 25 years. I think they’ve been infiltrated by this Illuminati movement, and again that dovetails with the Satanic movement, and you’re talking about human sacrifices. I’ll give you an example. Here about a month ago, in a two-day period we had about 14 children disappear here in Las Vegas. It was on the news, then it was on one time on ABC, and then nobody ever heard any more about it. So when I heard about it, I called the Metro police here. First of all, I called my informant, who was the official photographer in Nebraska for the group back there. By the way, he’s been arrested, and he’s on bail, and he’s on probation right now for pornography. I called him, and he told me about the landing strip that’s out in Las Vegas where they were flying these kids out of. So I called the Metro police here in Las Vegas, and I told them: “Look, I have information that they were flying kids out of here, 10 or 12 years ago, at least, but it’s certainly worth looking in to today, and if you want to send somebody over to the house, I’ll be happy to sit down with them and give you all the information on it. It’s a landing strip in between here and Parump, Nevada. Parump is about 50-60 miles away, out in the country some place.

DR: Yeah, Art Bell is out of Parump.

Ted: By the way, he sued me. Oh yeah, I’m the guy. Remember when he went off the air? He blamed me for all of that. But it was a BS lawsuit. He claimed that I made statements about him being a child molester, and I never did. But anyway, that’s another story. Anyway, I called Metro, and said I have this information, and well, I haven’t heard from ‘em yet. Doesn’t it kind of make you wonder about what’s going on? Why wouldn’t they look into that right away, when you’ve got missing kids, you know?

DR: I don’t know, but it seems like they don’t take the whole missing kid thing seriously in the first place.

Ted: That’s because too many people are involved. Reader’s Digest in July, 1982 has an article about 100,000 children who disappear every year and are never heard from again. Well, I mean, that’s serious. And we’re not talking about runaway teenagers. We’re talking about five, six, seven, two, three-year-old kids. And they’ve covered it up.

DR: So you think most kids that are kidnapped are being taken by the Satanists?

Ted: Oh, there’s absolutely an international child kidnapping ring. These kids are auctioned off on the auction block for $50,000 each. Anywhere from actually $15 - $50,000, according to Rusty Nelson.

DR: And where’s all this money going? What’s it being used for?

Ted: It’s going into the pockets of these individuals, you know, the Illuminati members, and others.

DR: Are all these kids, you think, being mind-controlled as well?

Ted: Yeah, that’s part of the program. In Des Moines, Iowa we got the Johnny Gosch case, the newspaper boy. His mother, Noreen has been involved in this also, John DeCamp has been involved in it. We’re talking about a reputable person. I’m a reputable individual. Nobody listens to us, but we’re out there shouting from the rooftops.

DR: Did you talk about Project Monarch and the government and stuff when you went on the Geraldo show?

Ted: No, I talked about Satanic cults. I was on four of his shows, and I was on a show with Michael Aquino. He’s been accused. In fact, Johnny Gosch told his mother that he was one of the kidnappers. Michael Aquino was the one that bought him.

DR: And Noreen Gosch also says that there’s someone named Michael LaVey who told her this, Anton’s son. But Anton LaVey doesn’t have a son by that name, officially.

Ted: Anton LaVey does have a son. He’s been castrated.

DR: Excuse me?

Ted: Yeah. Anton LaVey has a son called Anton LaVey, Jr. And you know he died a couple of years ago. I got the documentation. I’ve got 216,000 pages of documentation on MK-Ultra. I receive probably four or five phone calls a week from these people, because they’re all looking for help. I mean, they’re desperate people.

DR: Now, do you believe all these people, or do you think there are some people that are just trying to get attention?

Ted: Half and half. Some I believe, some I don’t, some I think are plants. I’ve had a number of people planted on me.

DR: So there is a lot of harassment.

Ted: Harassment? Oh my God, are you kidding me? It’s unbelievable. I go to get in my car, and the direction signal’s turned on in the morning. They used to run surveillance on me until I started chasing them out of the neighborhood. I’d put my gun on ‘em and go after ‘em. That happened twice, and I got ‘em cornered one time, and I reached under the seat for my gun, and there was too much traffic. Maybe I would’ve shot ‘em, maybe I wouldn’t. Who knows. But anyway, they realized “This guy’s crazy. We’d better stay away from him.” So now what they do is these little tactics like come into my hotel room when I travel and leave little signs. And I’ve been burglarized here in my house. They took some of my research. “They” are probably joint CIA-covert operations. These people are highly-trained and professional burglars and assassins, or killers. I knew the head of George Bush, Sr.’s assassination squad. He had 3000 men around the world he could call on to do their dirty deeds.

DR: The President had an assassination squad?

Ted: Oh yeah, they all do. This one now probably has one, I’m sure. Clinton had one too. They operate out of the White House. It’s the National Security Council. The NSC doesn’t answer to anybody but the President.

DR: With President Clinton and all of the women that he was involved with, do you think a lot of those were mind-controlled sex slaves?

Ted: Not only Clinton, but I think past Presidents. Brice Taylor says that she’s had sex with every one of them except Jimmy Carter since she was 15 or 16 years old.

DR: Aren’t there a lot of people in the entertainment industry involved as well?

Ted: There are some. I don’t know if there are a lot. But I worked the McMartin case. I’m the guy that went in there in 1990 in the Spring and hired an archaeologist, and we found the tunnels under the school. The kids said there were tunnels under the school.

DR: What exactly did they look like?

Ted: Well, they were tunnels that had been filled in. We were there for 34 days with the whole team of archaeologists.

DR: Was this covered by the news at all at the time?

Ted: Yeah, but the mainstream media wasn’t going to touch it. Nobody would do anything with it. The LA Times had one article on it.

DR: Did you find carcasses or skeletons of animals?

Ted: We found 2000 animal bones. We did not find any human bones. We had everything analyzed. It cost thousands of dollars. I spent personally $17,000 out of my pocket on that project, and then some of the companies that worked with us donated their time, and we had monetary donations from others. Anyway, I’m the guy that went in there and found the tunnels, so I’m not too popular with my adversaries. And yes, those kids identified some actors. One was Chuck Norris, whom they said was involved.

DR: So, do you think that’s likely to be true, or do you thinks that’s just something that they told the kids?

Ted: Oh, I don’t think there’s any question that the kids were telling the truth. Because they said that they were hallucinating, but the kids talked about tunnels under the school, they talked about being flown up into the mountains. Well, I know the abandoned Satanic site in Crestmount, I’ve got pictures of it. And I went up there and took pictures, and when the case broke I called Dale Reuben, the prosecutor, and I said, “I think I know where the kids were taken.” She wasn’t interested. Nobody wanted to look at it. And the kids said there were tunnels under the school. There were tunnels under the school - they’d been filled in, and I have a 186-page report that documents it, by the archaeologists. This wasn’t me going out and digging. I’m just an investigator. This was an archaeologist. This was a doctor from UCLA. We kicked their ass.

DR: So, do you think the prosecution in that case was being controlled?

Ted: Yes, I do.

DR: And so this whole operation in the McMartin school was part of Project Monarch?

Ted: Yes, there’s no question in my mind. I’ve been trying to do something about this for years, ever since I ran into it and discovered it. I even had my own radio talk show for two years.

DR: Oh, was that a national talk show?

Ted: Yeah, it was all over the world, actually. It was short wave out of Nashville, WWCR, Worldwide Christian Radio. I’ve done probably s thousand radio shows myself. As you can tell I can talk right off the top of my head, and I have the documentation to back it up. “They”, meaning this evil element within our government - they’re very concerned about me, because I’ve got the documentation. I have it hidden in four different locations. I went on a ten-day trip a year ago last June, and, Hell, they came in here and stole a bunch of my boxes - somebody did. They didn’t take any jewelry or anything like that, they just took my research. They’re so concerned about the research that I have that the don’t know what to do about me. You know, and I don’t back down to them, either.

DR: So you don’t know specifically who it was that broke in?

Ted: They didn’t break in. They have keys for everything. They’re professional burglars, professional killers, they’re assassins, they’re almost every evil word you can think of. That’s what we’re dealing with. And like I said, this involves our US intelligence community, the CIA in particular, and then later on the FBI, whereas in the past it didn’t. There’s no question about it. What they do is, the CIA recruits out of Special Forces. McVeigh came right out of Special Forces class. They recruit ‘em out of there, and then they train them to be assassins and killers, and to run their drug operations. Now McVeigh wrote a letter to his sister, I don’t know if you remember this or not. He said this in his letter. This is public information. So I’m not talking off the top of my head.

DR: Do you think that most of the cases you hear of Satanic Ritual Abuse are all parts of this government operation.

Ted: Oh, I don’t think there’s any question that it’s an organized ring, if that’s what you’re looking for. There is a conspiracy here. There’s no question about that.

DR: And what’s the overall goal?

Ted: The overall goal is to take over the world.

DR: They just essentially want everyone to be mind-controlled slaves?

Ted: They want to take over the world. They want a two-class society: the very rich, and then the slobs, like us, you now, the servants. It’s well-planned, and it’s well-organized, and if you look at the 25 goals that were set forth in 1776, 230-some years ago, you’ll see that most of those, are about 85% complete today. Like corruption of the youth through sex and drugs. I mean, look at what’s going on with our youth today. Control of the mainstream media. Do you think the mainstream media is gonna have the guts to print what I’m telling you now? Hell, no. And I’ve got the documentation. I’ve got cabinets full of material, to prove that I’m right. Hell, no, they won’t, because they’ve got the Brokaws, and the Rathers, an the other one, what’s that comedian guy? You know, you’ve got those people. They’re all being controlled. They wouldn’t dare talk about this because they’d lose their jobs. Nor would the LA Times, or the New York Times. They won’t touch any of this stuff. Maybe Hustler magazine has the guts to print this, I don’t know. Let me tell you a little hook, here. It’s really interesting. One of the... Who’s the owner of Hustler?

DR: Larry Flynt.

Ted: Yeah, Larry Flynt former body guard was at the time a contract killer, and attempted to take my life in 1987. His name was Bill Menser.

DR: What were the circumstances?

Ted: Well, there was a fellow named Mike Reconnasuto from the CIA, who was talking, exposing these people. You see, when people come forward from the inside who can give direct knowledge of what’s going on, they either end up dead or in prison. Well, Mike Reconnasuto started talking. He’s in prison now for 30 years. But Mike and I worked together back in the early ‘80s, and we put five people in jail who were contract killers. One of them was Bill Menser. Menser was one of Flynt’s bodyguards. A guy named Lamatta was another. And they were convicted of murdering a guy named Roy Raiton from Long Island, New York, along with Lani Jacobs. Jacobs, of course, was female, not working for Larry Flynt. Anyway, one of the people we put in jail was arranging for contract killings, and his name was Dr. John P. Nichols, out of Indio, California. And when he got out, he called Menser, and told Menser to do his job on me. I was able to avoid Menser, and Mike and I put Menser in jail himself. We went to the DA and told him all about his involvement in the Roy Raiton murder and everything. So anyway, Larry Flynt will know all about Menser, he’ll know all about Lamatta, and I guy named Lowell was the one who drove the car that night when they killed Roy Raiton. And that puts a little twist on this. Larry Flynt had people right in his midst who were involved in this. And Bill Menser was known as “Charles Manson II” in Hollywood. He’s a killer.

DR: What do you think about JonBonet Ramey.

Ted: I have no documentation on that, but the scenario fits a Satanic cult ceremony.

DR: In that she was killed on Christmas night.

Ted: Yeah, that’s a big Satanic holiday.

DR: And Chandra Levy, too, disappeared on Walpurgis Night.

Ted: She disappeared on May 1st, a big Communist holiday.

DR: Would you speculate that Condit, then, is a controller as well?

Ted: I have no idea, but from what I’ve read and seen, I wouldn’t be surprised. But it definitely appears that he was involved in kinky sex, which of course, I guess, there’s millions of people who are involved in that in this country and around the world.

DR: You heard that he specifically referred to his women as “sex slaves.”

Ted: Well, there you go. That’s what they are, they’re sex slaves.

DR: How do they go about programming these people?

Ted: It’s a combination of torture, hypnosis, drugs. And what happens is, they torture them so much, that their personality splits in order to endure the pain and misery. When their personality splits, they became another person, and it’s through this technique that they train them. Then in training they make it so that they can give them a trigger word, say “green”, or “red”, or pick up the phone and call them. And they have an assignment to go out and do something - like, say, go out and do a hit, or something like that. That’s kind of a layman’s definition of it, but that’s the way it works.

DR: Have you spoken to anyone who was a controller or programmer?

Ted: Oh yeah, sure.

DR: And so they told you this as well?

Ted: Oh yeah, I’ve got from all kinds - I’ve got it 15 ways from Sunday. These people all talk like they’re crazy, but there’s so many of them, and they don’t know each other, and their stories are the same, so there’s got to be something to it.

DR: I’ve noticed that a lot of the women are really weird. Like Cathy O’Brien. She sounds like she’s really smart, and she sounds like she knows a lot about the history of mind control, and all sorts of things. But then she’ll use really inappropriate words in a sentence, and it just seems like there’s a lot of common knowledge that she doesn’t have. And a lot of these women are like this. So it does seem like they really have been isolated from society, and just grew up in the whole Satanic cult world with no exposure to real life.

Ted: Well, half of them sound crazy, and the other half sound semi-crazy. But this is so prevalent, and it’s from so many sources, that there’s absolutely no question about it. By the way, I’ve got the congressional reports where congress investigated back in 1977. So, hey, Congress knows about it.

DR: They investigated MK-Ultra, or Project Monarch specifically?

Ted: MK-Ultra and Project Monarch. Yeah, I’ve got all this information. The reports are available. I’ve got all this information right back here in my little cabinet drawer some place.

DR: To what extent do you think people in the Federal government know about this?

Ted: I think they know, but they’re covering it up. They don’t want to come forward with it. A lot of people do. I personally went back to Washington in 1986-1987, talked to some congressmen, senators, administrative assistants, and told them about this. Biden was one, Dan Coats out of Indiana, former congressman and senator, was another. And then I backed it up with documentation, with paper. So they know about it. I don’t know why they won’t come forward with it. First of all, it’s unbelievable, and if you start talking about it, people will think you’re crazy. But you know, hey, congress investigated it, but it was basically not reported by the mainstream media again.

DR: How many people do you think there are out there who are mind control subjects?

Ted: Well, O’Brien will tell you about 10 million, but I personally think it’s between 3 and 4 million. And it’s there. The grandmother in the McMartin case told one of the mothers that she travels all over the world and sets up these pre-schools. And Dr. Roland Sommit out of UCLA Hospital has made the statement that there are 50 other pre-schools in the country where the kids talk about tunnels under the school.

DR: Would you say it’s just dangerous to send your kid to pre-school?

Ted: It depends. You have to investigate it. Now, if the pre-school says: “OK, you cannot come here between the hours of nine and four, even if you’re a parent”, then that’s Number One. You don’t go there. You don’t put your kid in that school. Because, why would they object to you coming in and checking on your kid, right? Then if the kid, let’s say, had a little blood in the diapers, and so forth. We’re talking about two, three, four-year old kids with a little blood in the diaper. You certainly don’t want to send your kid back to that. Or if the kid doesn’t want to go to school, listen to your child. I’ve got a checklist here of signs of what to look for with your kids. This goes on and on, and I can talk for hours on this.

DR: Have you heard of the supposed electrified cages full of babies at China Lake?

Ted: No, I can’t say that I’ve heard about that. But I have heard, you know, rumor that there are underground cities, and that some of these kids are being kept in those underground cities. Now Paul Bonacci in Omaha, Nebraska has make the statement that he was involved when he was 10, 11, 12, 13 years old. He was used as a decoy in malls, and parks, and so forth, to attract kids that age, and then the adults grab him and run off with him. And Paul Bonacci received his training at Offutt Air Force Base. That’s one of the military bases. And I tell you, it’s kind of ironic, but Michael Aquino was at Fort Bragg at the time of the Geoffrey MacDonald murders that I talked about when I first started talking to you.

DR: Have you talked to Michael Aquino?

Ted: No, I don’t have anything to do with him. There’s a guy named Craig Lockwood who has some phenomenal information about this. He can really fill you in. He wrote a book called Other Alters. It’s all about the Satanic cult movement in this country, and it’s about Michael Aquino. It’s an interesting story. He told me that this sold 15,000 copies in just a couple of weeks. His publisher was really excited about it. Then all of the sudden he was sued in Minneapolis where the publisher is, and they found out that Michael Aquino went around and bought all of them out. Now you have to have a pretty good-sized network to do that. He bought all the books, and then sued the publisher, and also Craig. But Craig won the lawsuit.

DR: So that means the judge believed that this had actually taken place. And in the Presidio case [a sexual abuse case in which Aquino was accused], didn’t the Army have to pay a substantial settlement to the parents of the kids.

Ted: Yeah, I think they did. We had the thing in Westpoint, too, and there was a captain there who resigned his commission because of that, mostly ‘cause it was a cover-up.

DR: I just remember something about a sexual harassment lawsuit. So that was part of Project Monarch as well?

Ted: Oh yeah. These pre-schools are, I believe, prep schools for these people to indoctrinate these kids and expose them to the Satanic movement.

DR: Are some of these kids also raised in Satanic families, specifically for this purpose?

Ted: Oh yeah. Of course. I talk to a woman who was sent to law school by them to study immigration laws. They would fly her Germany to bring kids back into this country. She’d drop them off, bring them in at Kennedy Airport, and turn them in to two men. Then she’d disappear, and go back and get another one.

DR: So are there physical or psychological traits that they look for in these kids? Do they choose kids specifically for reasons?

Ted: No, I don’t think so. One of that tactics that they use is, say I’m a perpetrator, or I’m a pedophile. I’ll contact an individual who I know can arrange for the kids, and I’ll say “Ok, I want a 13-year-old boy or girl, whatever the case might be, blue-eyed, blond-haired.” And then that person would go out and get pictures of about four or five kids surreptitiously, come back, show me the pictures. And I say, “Oh, I want this one.” Then they go and kidnap the kid. Like an order, you know? It’s like looking at a catalogue. “Oh, I’ll take this coffee pot, or I’ll take that automobile”, or whatever the situation might be.

DR: Don’t they also get a lot of kids at Disneyland?

Ted: Yeah, they’ve quashed that, I have disappeared at Disneyland regularly. There’s kids who’ve disappeared here in Las Vegas, and of course the officials are being very careful not to let that out to the public because this is a big entertainment center.

DR: And a lot of the slaves say that Disney imagery was part of their programming.

Ted: Oh, absolutely. Everyone that I’ve talked to on the west coast had some training at Disneyland. I've talked to hundreds of them in the last 22 years. It’s quite an elaborate operation. There has to be a central location, there has to be people in charge, it has to be organized, and hey, it’s covered-up. The ones who are involved in this, you know, it’s a secret who they are, and it’s a secret what they do, but it does involve human sacrifices and Satanic ceremonies, period.

DR: Have you heard of Mormons being involved in this?

Ted: Heavily involved in this. At the very top. I’ve got a whole paper on that. They did their own investigation in 1990 of it, and they came up with the same thing. I’ve got all the reports, by the way. That’s just typical of my documentation.

DR: So they were investigating themselves, and they found evidence of human sacrifices?

Ted: Well, they found evidence of Satanism, which would include human sacrifice.

DR: Does the police force ever investigate this?

Ted: No. They don’t touch it. There’ve been police officers who have tried to do something about it who have ended up dead, or they’re re-assigned. These people are killers. We’re not talking about nice people. And they'll stop at nothing to further their cause. Anybody who gets in their way is dead, or gets put in jail. I have a list of the leaders of the occult movement on the west coast, which is my insurance policy. If anything happens to me, that goes out to the public.

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