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The Merovingians: Fruit of the Davidic Vine

The Mystery of Rennes-le-Chateau.
Priory of Sion and the Knights Templar: OLE's Historic Predecessors.
The Merovingians: Fruit of the Davidic Vine.
Blood Royale: The Holy Dynasty of the Merovingians.
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Lapsit Exillis - The Stone That Fell From Heaven.
Cain: The Forgotten Father.
The Cross of Lorraine - By This Sign You Shall Conquer.
The Eternal Symbol of the Holy Grail.
The Arcadian Mystique: Rebirth of the Golden Age.

Who exactly were the Merovingians, you may ask, and what is so special about them? They were the first kings of what is now France, the first to unify the kingdom, and the first to preside over the prototype of the Holy Roman Empire. They were granted the title of New Constantine in perpetuity by the Pope, some believe, because the Vatican recognized the descent of the Merovingian bloodline from that of Jesus Christ, who, according to this theory, was the husband of Mary Magdalen, and sired a child through her. Mary and her child later fled to France, were their descendants married into the local Visigothic nobility. This would explain why the Vatican granted the Merovingians the title New Constantine, in recognition of their descent from the King of Kings himself. It also explains why the Knights Templar wished to take control of Jerusalem - because they considered it their rightful inheritance. Christ, as the biological son of Joseph, was a descendant of King David, and therefore the rightful king of Jerusalem, so his descendants would have been as well. It would also explain why the Templars were called the Guardians of the Grail, for as many have pointed out, Holy Grail comes from the French word Sangreal , which could just as easily be translated as royal blood , i.e. the bloodline of Christ. Finally, it explains why Dagobert II was assassinated by the Roman church, and the Merovingian bloodline persecuted to near-extinction. They possessed a rival claim to the inheritance of Christ’s teachings, and their very existence constituted a threat to the idea of Christ as a non-human entity.

But why, many have asked, if he was not the son of God, and did not die on the cross for our sins, should his bloodline be so important? If the people who ascribe to this theory do not believe in his divinity, why should they care about his descendants? This is something that has never been adequately explained in past genre literature, but we believe that we have the answer. Fact is, Jesus was the son of God , but not he pseudo-mystical force that supposedly impregnated Mary’s virgin womb. It goes back to King David, then further than that, to ancient Sumer, Atlantis, and the very beginnings of human history. For the kings of the ancient world were the gods whose rule is now recorded in the mythologies of every culture across the globe, and their descendants are the human kings who have reigned since the Flood, when the gods left the Earth. The bloodline of Christ and King David, and of almost all royal houses throughout history can be traced back to these gods or pre-diluvian kings. That is where the concept of kingship came from, and that is where all of our ancient traditions, religious principles, and basic arts of civilization came from. The secret hermetic doctrine of occultism can be traced there as well.